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A multi-hyphenate producer of creative things.

I guess you can say that I am an artist at heart. I have a strangely diverse skill set, which is a direct result of constantly wanting to learn new things.  I am educated in the arts (B.A.A.Illustration) as well as Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. You can describe me as a "multi-hyphenate" in the creative space: from graphic design to editorial illustration and blogging, I've done it all!

As an illustrator, I like white space (most of the time) clean lines and textures. My mediums of choice are pencil, inks and watercolours.

As a digital artist, I am an experienced graphic designer (8+ years in corporate/agency environments). From brochures to brand identities, I have experience in a wide range of design work.

As a communicator, I'm an experienced writer. I currently hold a full time position as a Marketing Manager fora  charitable organization in Canada, and I've been contributing to local Toronto blogs since 2013. For samples of my written work, please visit my "Writing" page on this site.


As a person, I am fun loving and love to be creatively stimulated. I am always up for new challenges, meeting interesting people, and feeding my brain. I consider myself a professional thrift store shopper, a voracious reader, a yoga practitioner, I'm a wife (hi Jay!) and a mom to 2 beautiful girls and a dog named Tuna (yes, like tuna fish).

This online portfolio is only a small sample of my creative capabilities- drop me a line and ask for more samples of my work, or simply just say hello!

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